If you’re tired of pouring money into endless plumbing and appliance repairs and replacements, then you might benefit from installing a water softening system in your home. So what is a water softening system, and what types of household problems can it solve? What is a water softening system and what does it do? A […]

Sump pump discharge lines face the risk of freezing when winter comes along. Your sump pump is designed to keep all excess water out from your basement, but it can’t do that if the discharge line is frozen. The winter season brings with it more than frigid temperatures, but a lot of plumbing problems, and […]

Roof preparation for your home involves a lot of work and it’s easy to neglect the roof as important home maintenance. Your roof, however, is your home’s first line of defense against falling debris and weather conditions. A well-maintained roof also prevents costly structural damages and water leaks, but keeping your roof well-maintained also means […]

Furnace Preparation this Fall

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Furnace preparation is key to a comfortable and warm Fall and Winter. After all, it always seems like, in a blink of an eye, fall is here and gone, and following it is the winter season. While it’s tempting to just sit back and enjoy the foliage, your furnace will need some preparation this fall […]

Buying a replacement furnace, unfortunately, happens. With an average warranty of about 15-30 years, all furnaces burn out eventually. It’s more of a matter of when is it time to bite the bullet and buy a new furnace. If your furnace is old, it’s at risk of breaking down, which not only costs you in […]