Buying a replacement furnace, unfortunately, happens. With an average warranty of about 15-30 years, all furnaces burn out eventually. It’s more of a matter of when is it time to bite the bullet and buy a new furnace. If your furnace is old, it’s at risk of breaking down, which not only costs you in […]

What your Furnace Does Your furnace is directly responsible for heating your home in the colder months. Every time you adjust the thermostat manually, it the temperature falls below a certain point in your house, a message is sent to the furnace. It is alerted that, at this temperature, you or your loved ones may […]

Lighting upgrades being made in both bathrooms and kitchens are important due to the amount of use these areas get. Lighting is one of the main issues that should be addressed when trying to make these areas more functional. Without proper lighting upgrades, you will experience issues like an overall decline in the room’s atmosphere […]

Water Purification For Your Home

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If you were outside, you wouldn’t drink water that has dirt or other debris in it would you? Well you shouldn’t in your home either! Unfiltered tap water that you normally get out of your sink can contain these harmful contaminants which can not only harm your home’s plumbing, water heater, and washing machine, but […]

AC Tune Ups With Cranney Home Services

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Why tune up your AC system? Rotating your tires or having your oil changed are both basic routine maintenance procedures for your car that you do to prolong the life of your car and make sure that it is running safely. Well, the same thing applies for your home’s air conditioning system! In order to […]