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Proudly Serving the North Shore for over 30 years. Cranney Home Services can solve any Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Cleaning issue.


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Our Heating and Cooling Technicians, Plumbers and Electricians are licensed, uniformed and professional. They respect your home and your property. They go as far as to put on booties before entering your home and roll out a protective carpet as well. The diagnostic or dispatch fee that we charge allows our professionals to carefully evaluate your problem and/or inspect your systems so they can provide you with a flat rate price to do the work you’ve requested. Once you approve that price and all that it includes, Cranney Companies will complete the requested work for you.

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Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50

Seasonal Special:

Furnace Safety Inspection – Only $39.50


At Cranney, we have heating specialists you can trust! For 30 years, we’ve given customers the best heating services possible thanks to the hard work by our dedicated, licensed heating experts. They have years of experience under their belts, which lends itself greatly to meeting any heating need you may have. But they’re not just here to take care of your heating and leave! Our heating specialists take the time to get to know you and make sure the work is done to your specifications right down to the last detail!

We want to make sure all the heating needs of our customers are met, which is why we provide a wide range of heating services so no homeowner gets stuck in the cold.

We can supply you with the following:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Thermostat Installation
  • Thermostat Repair
  • 24/7 Emergency Service, 7 Day a Week

Our heating specialists care about your comfort and safety. In an event of a heating system breakdown (especially one during the cold winter season), we want to ensure that you’ll be well equipped to stay warm while you wait for us to arrive!

Here are a few tips to stay warm while waiting for Cranney heating specialists to arrive:

  • Close all doors and windows – When a heating system breaks down, the first thing you want to do is make sure every window and door in your home is tightly shut. That way you reduce the amount of cold air that comes inside and the heat that is already in your house will last longer.
  • Seal air leaks in duct systems – If there are any air leaks in your duct systems, seal them off. It is better to have this done beforehand, but that is not always possible. If you can feel air moving, there is a leak somewhere. Finding and blocking it will protect your home and your body temperature.
  • Keep candles handy – Having candles on hand can be very beneficial if your heating is out due to a power outage. But they can also be a good choice when it comes to a heating breakdown. They can easily warm your hands and having them nearby puts off some much-needed heat for space.
  • Insulate windows – Putting builder’s plastic or another extra surface up in your windows can mean that the cold air from outside does not seep in so much and the warm air in your home is not able to escape as easily. Even double pane windows do not offer complete protection, so remember to add those extra layers.
  • Wear layers of clothing – Dressing warmly is one of the best things you can do if your heating system breaks down. By dressing in layers you not only have more clothing to keep you warm, but layers also trap heat and hold it against your body. That will reduce the chances of you getting too cold, and can make your wait to have heat restored much easier to get through.

All of our trucks come stocked with top grade material that is the industry standard. This ensures that every job we do is on-par with what is to expect from a home service company in the modern era! Our technicians will be on time and any work they do will be up to code.

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Does not apply to dispatch and/or diagnostic fee.

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