Preventing Sink Clogs

  • Plumbing

Got a Stubborn Sink Clog?  A clogged sink is one of the most annoying things you can deal with in your kitchen. While it may be an issue close to the surface, it’s possible that the issue could be further down beyond reach. If you are experiencing sink clogs in your home, give us a […]

During the cold Massachusetts winters, there’s nothing like taking a warm shower or bath. However, having the water be too hot can be even worse than being a bit chilly. Because of this, it’s a good idea to know that you can go to the water heater and change the temperature directly. Doing this will […]

Cranny has been a big help to homeowners who are preparing for the winter. Whether they’re shutting down their AC or getting their furnace fixed up, we’ve provided what you need. Now, it’s time to help the boiler owners get their heat working. Boilers, like furnaces, can get worn down after months of inactivity, and […]

Heating Tune-Up in Wakefield

  • Home Services

Heating Tune-Up In Wakefield  As fall weather officially settles into Massachusetts, you might begin thinking of turning on your furnace for the first time. Now, this system has been sitting in your basement since Spring without turning on. In that time, there has probably been a fair amount of dust collection and general wear on […]

A previous blog we posted helped you prepare for the winter by shutting down your AC. Now it’s time to ensure your heating will work for the winter. New England winters are known for being nasty, so it’s important to get your furnace all set up. Months of inactivity can make your furnace dusty, inefficient, […]

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