Have you noticed an increase in your electric or water bill lately? It’s possible that your water heater is the cause. With most appliances, making small changes can drastically reduce costs. Here are a few things that you can do to increase efficiency and cut prices while using your water heater: Try to use Less […]

As temperatures rise this summer, you’ll likely spend a majority of your time indoors trying to stay cool with your air conditioner. Do you know what shape your cooling system is in? Did you know that an AC that is damaged, outdated, or running inefficiently can harm your air quality? Here are some common AC […]

Benefits of a Camera Inspection

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Spring and summer can cause a wide range of plumbing problems to occur in your home. Because a majority of your system is located underground, behind walls, or in other hard to reach areas, repairs become tricky. It used to be that in order to reach these areas, cutting into your lawn or wall would […]

Choosing the Right AC For Your Home

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Spring is here in full force, and Summer is on its way! If you haven’t had to turn on your AC yet, you will soon. If your current cooling system is old, damaged, or outdated, you should consider a replacement before the hot weather really hits. Before you make a decision, you should do a […]

As the temperatures continue to rise outdoors, you will be spending more time indoors to beat the heat and stay cool. In preparation for the amount of time you will be spending indoors, you should schedule a professional tune-up for your air conditioning system. Cranney Home Services has special offers for the month of May […]